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The Returned Man in On Spec Magazine

My story "The Returned Man" is out in the latest issue of On Spec Magazine (Issue #102). It's available in digital and paper editions at On Spec's website.

On Spec is an award-winning Canadian magazine of Science Fiction, Fantasy and other Speculative Fiction.


Ocean Stories available now in Canada and the U.K.

I'm happy to announce that Ocean Stories is now available at both and For those of you that know me, I have some copies available at my house too. Thanks to my mom for setting up the lovely display(see photo). It is much cooler than the pile of books I had in mind.



The Stories Behind the Stories

I find the creative process fascinating—how it differs from person to person, and even from one work to another. Gregory L. Norris, one of my fellow contributors to the anthology, Ocean Stories, has gathered the backstories and inspirations for some of the tales, with a note from the editor about the creation of the anthology. Read about it on his blog.

Ocean Stories is available now!  Barnes and Noble  Elektrik Milk Bath Press 



Ocean Stories anthology available now!

Two researchers set off to explore the mysteries of the deep, but what they find is beyond their imagining . . . a lobsterman, concerned with the changes in his recent haul, calls upon an old friend to help him unlock the mystery . . . A woman, wagered in a game of chance, seeks her fortune on a very special ship. 

Ocean Stories offers 22 tales of the deep ranging from fantasy to horror to humor. Filled with selkies and mermaids, sirens and sea monsters, myth and magic, these tales explore both the immeasurable beauty and the danger found lurking below the surface of the sea.

My short story, "Save Pinkeye", the tale of a mermaid lawyer defending a shark accused of overfeeding, is included in the anthology.

Ocean Stories is available now from:  Barnes & Noble  Elektrik Milk Bath Press 
Coming soon from

Add it to your to-be-read shelf at Goodreads and enter the giveaway which runs until June 25th.


"The Wrath of Spock" rebroadcast

CBC is rebroadcasting my short story "The Wrath of Spock" on Saturday, June 9th between 5pm and 6pm.

It's on CBC Radio 540 AM in Saskatchewan.

If you are outside of Sask. and want to listen, click here and in the "Now Playing on CBC Radio" box, make sure Regina is selected, and choose Radio 1 Listen Live. Please note this is only available streaming live at the show's regular time between 5pm and 6 pm.