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A Quiet Shelter There anthology out and Publisher's Weekly Review

It's here! A Quiet Shelter There, a benefit anthology for Friends of Homeless Animals(FOHA), contains speculative stories all about companion and service animals. 70% of the proceeds go to FOHA, but other animal shelters/rescues can purchase it at a discount if they would like to use it for their own fundraising.

Publisher's weekly just reviewed it, and with a lovely comment about my story.

Right now, it's just out in paperback. Ebooks coming.




Guess what's just arrived? In print!

The print version of Wrestling With Gods is now available in Canada. (Coming in April for the US folks.) You can also get it for your ereader in various formats. 

Some places you can find the paperback online:

McNally Robinson

If you want to support your local bricks and mortar store (a great idea!) and they haven't got the book yet, ask them to order it for you. 

Tesseracts 18 is the new anthology from the award-winning Tesseracts series. In the anthology, Canadian authors (including me) explore faith through science fiction and fantasy.  



Cover Reveal: Tesseracts 18: Wrestling With Gods

It's that fun day when I get to show off a new cover!  


Tesseracts 18 is the new anthology from the award-winning Tesseracts series. In the anthology, Canadian authors (including me) explore faith through science fiction and fantasy. 

The Tesseracts Eighteen anthology is filled with speculative offerings that give readers a chance to see faith from both the believer and the skeptic point-of-view in worlds where what you believe is a matter of life, death, and afterlife.

The work is now available as an e-book download for Amazon Kindle, exclusively, until it’s available in print in March (Canada) and April (USA) and in other e-book formats.  Keep watching for more on Tesseracts 18 in the coming weeks!  Order your Amazon Kindle e-book today–just in time for some holiday reading.

Tesseracts 18 is available now as a Kindle exclusive! 


Tesseracts 18 anthology announces contributors

The editors for Tesseracts 18: Wrestling With Gods have announced the contributors for the annual anthology. You may see some names you recognize: Robert J. Sawyer, Alyxandra Harvey, Tony Pi...and ME!! Very excited to be included alongside these talented authors.

For a look at the complete contributors list, and a little taste of what kind of stories will be included (the Ra one mentioned is mine), here's the blog post.

The anthology is edited by Liana K and Jerome Stueart, and will be published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing in April 2015.



Cover Reveal: A Quiet Shelter There Anthology

Squeeee! The cover art for A Quiet Shelter There just arrived in my inbox, and is absolutely perfect for a collection of speculative fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, etc.) stories all about animals. This is a benefit anthology for homeless animals, and I am honored that my story, "Charlie", will be included. To see all the contributors, click here. You will see the very talented Cat Rambo among them.

The cover for A Quiet Shelter There was designed by Heather McDougal. The anthology is forthcoming from Hadley Rille Books, edited by Gerri Leen.