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Short Stories 

"The Returned Man"
in On Spec #102 Vol. 27 No.3
Available at: On Spec


in A Quiet Shelter There
Oct, 2015
Available at:


"Summon the Sun"
in Tesseracts 18: Wrestling With Gods
December, 2014 
Available at:


"Gaia: The Mother of the Earth"
in Spring Vol. 8
March, 2013

"Wanted: One Warhol"
in Spring Vol. 8
March, 2013 

"Save Pinkeye" 
In the anthology Ocean Stories
Elektrik Milk Bath Press

"Save Pinkeye" is the story of a mermaid lawyer defending a shark accused of over-feeding. The story received an Honorable Mention in the Writer's Digest Popular Fiction Awards.

Available at:   Barnes & Noble   Elektrik Milk Bath Press


"The Wrath of Spock"
CBC Radio
First Broadcast Dec 3, 2011 
Rebroadcast June 9, 2012